We Are Not Our Productivity

In this capitalistic society, money is given to those who work day in and day out and sacrifice their livelihood for the sake of a company’s profits. It is believed that if a company wins money, so do its employees. But this system cannot work unless everyone is working as hard as its CEO. The problem is, that this model does not work for most people. A traditional 9-to-5 job requires you to get paid for the amount of hours you work. But the value of those hours or the results those hours bring the company does not get compensated unless a person asks for that compensation with a raise. Yet, we’ve been taught that the only way to show that you’re worth keeping in a company is through what you give to the company as if the amount of time and effort is not enough. This mindset is embodied in every speech of every successful entrepreneur or someone who “made it”: If you work as hard as me, then you’ll get that house, that big paycheck, that new car, or other material items used to show status and wealth. What is often left out of those speeches is how many connections a person had within their six degrees of separation, how they received the right opportunity at an unexpected time, or how someone else contributed to their success through financial, emotional, or physical support. The finger gets redirected to a person's lack of productivity and time management to go after what you want. This is not the case for most people. There are tons of people who are working really hard to the point of even pulling off three jobs and are still in their same financial situation. There are some people who continuously put themselves out there to the best that their resources can provide and still get very few interested investors or clients. If you’ve been doing everything that you’ve been told will bring you success and it hasn’t come, it is not you. An increase in productivity will not bring your good fortune even closer. All this mentality allows for is shame for not participating in a capitalistic system that does not benefit you. Work at your own pace. Find ways to feel good while you’re working. Focus more on creating a working style that honors you. Whether you’re all about results or putting more pep in your step when it comes to working, put yourself first and send yourself love and patience as you move through the working world.